Welcome to Cyco’s

We’re Ottawa’s only home of year-round bike & ice skate sales, service & rentals.

We also offer expert ski & snowboard waxing and edge sharpening.

More than 82,000 bikes serviced and 78,000 skates sharpened!

Come and see us at 25 Hawthorne Avenue, near the Canal, for expert and friendly service.



All new and refurbished bikes on sale. Come in for a great deal!



Bicycle tune- up packages (parts extra)

Don’t need a full tune-up? Single services available. See us in store for pricing.

Cyco’s repairs all makes and models of bikes.

The services we provide include: tune-ups, overhauls, adjustments to brakes & gears, wheel truing (done correctly and most for under $25), wheel building, flat tire repair, assembly, lubrication of all bearings old bike upgrades (ie, modern handle bars, wheels, tires, shifters & saddles…) and the list goes on!

Regular – $66.95 (old bike: $78.95) For a safe and comfortable ride

  • Full safety check (all bolts, pivot points, frame, fork, welds, stem, calipers, tires, rims, chain, crankset, components & drive train checked for torque settings & wear)
  • Adjust front & rear brakes (includes cable adjustment & pad position)
  • Adjust & lube pedals & seat posts
  • Adjust & lube shifters & derailleurs for smooth shifting
  • Lube all nuts & bolts on the frame
  • Check tire pressure & inflate as needed
  • Inspect chain for wear, clean & lube
  • Wipe down of frame & components
  • Post service test ride
  • Estimate for future work to replace / repair worn or broken components (technician will call you to discuss any discovered needs)

Major – $118.95 When your bicycle needs extra attention and care

 Regular tune-up +

  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust wheel hubs
  • Minor wheel true (on bicycle)
  • Drivetrain cleaning (on bicycle)
  • Post service test ride

Overhaul – $249.95 Recommended every 5-7 years to make your bicycle like new

Regular & Major tune-ups+

  • Full disassembly of bicycle
  • Full wheel true (spoke tensioned on specialized stand)
  • Open and overhaul (clean, apply fresh grease & reassembly) headset, wheel hubs & bottom bracket
  • Bearing replacement if needed (extra)
  • Excludes front & rear disassembly of suspension systems
  • Reassemble all components with a final full tune-up & test drive to ensure your bicycle feels like new

Kid’s tune up – $29 to $49

Winter tune – $88.95

  • A regular tune-up PLUS bottom bracket overhaul, and cleaning and greasing all cables and brake arms




Skate sharpening prices

  • Regular – $9.30
    • standard sharpening on our NHL-level Blademaster machine, to any desired hollow
  • Grind – $10.50 (or more)
    • remove rust, set up new skates or correct skate angle, followed by regular sharpening
  • Long Blades – $15
    • hand-sharpening long blades with our signature touch
  • Pre-paid Card – $40
    • good for 5 pairs, with no additional cost for grinding if required

Ski & snowboard waxing prices

  • Cross-country ski (pair)
    • waxing – $24.95
    • base grinding & waxing – $34.95
  • Downhill ski (pair) / snowboards
    • wax – $29.95
    • base grinding, wax & edge sharpening – $41.95
    • P-Tex (severe gouges) – $5/inch



Rentals, service and sales

At Cyco’s we have everything you need for your bike rental, whether it’s for an hour, 2 weeks or longer. We rent road, cruiser, mountain, hybrid, tandem and fat bikes. We’ll work with you to find the best ride for your needs.

We’re proud to sell top quality brands. Check out some of our suppliers:

Biria Bikes
ACS Distributing
Seven Peaks

We also sell bike parts and accessories year round, and hockey/skating equipment during fall and winter.


Fat Bike rentals

Experience the joy of skating on professionally sharpened equipment. We have men’s hockey skates, women’s skates with either figure or hockey blades and kid’s skates. Sports helmets available at no charge with skate rental.

Explore the city on an expertly maintained bicycle. We offer year round rentals of road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrids, fat bikes, children’s bikes and tandems. Your rental comes with a helmet, lock and lights at no charge. You can rent by the hour, day, week or month.

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We take servicing your bicycle seriously. It’s not only about a pleasant ride, it’s also about safety. That’s why all services are provided by expertly trained mechanics and our most basic tune-up includes a comprehensive safety check. We also do major overhauls and can customize your bike to suit your needs.

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Ski & snowboard wax & tune

Make the best of your skii & snowboard experience. Come see us to have your cross-country skis, downhill skis and snowboard waxed and tuned-up before you head out.

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About Us

Fat bike rentals

Cyco’s was founded by brothers Bruce and Gordon in 1996 out of a love for sports. As a family business, we always focus on friendly, quality service with competitive pricing. We’re proud to serve our clients, both locals and tourists alike, as Ottawa’s only year round skate and bicycle service, sales and rental shop.

Our bike lines include quality starters for beginners, to hard core styles for the serious rider. We’ll be happy to work with you to find the best fit and style for your riding needs, whether road, cruiser, hybrid, fat, tandem or mountain bike. Our service department has worked hard for over 25 years to earn a reputation throughout the city for quality work and ability to service all models of bikes, new and old. We’re proud to have serviced over 82,000 bikes to date!


We’re also known for our expert skate sharpening, with more than 78,000 (and counting!) under our belt. Figure, hockey or long blade – we can sharpen them all.

We’re also there to get your skis & snowboards ready with our expert waxing and edge sharpening.

Our shop is located near the famous Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, the perfect location for your rental needs.

****Don’t put your old bikes at the curb, Cyco’s will recycle your old rig!****


  • Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Bikes fur every rider!

Contact Us

25 Hawthorne Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: (613) 567-8180
Email: info@cycosport.ca